Flat Rate (Employment) Expenses

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Get tax relief for your work expenses

These are expenses that are incurred in the performance of the duties of the employment and are directly related to the 'nature of the employee's employment'. A standard flat rate expenses allowance (deduction) is set for various classes of employee. For example, airline cabin crews are granted flat rate expenses of €64 per annum. For the full list see [here]

The amount of the deduction is agreed between Revenue and representatives of groups or classes of employees (usually the employees are represented by trade union officials). The agreed deduction is then applied to all employees of the class or group in question.

Basically, if you pay tax in Ireland, check the xls list, and if your job is listed, ring up Revenue (1890 333 425 if you're in Cork) and they take a little bit less tax off you.


  • €215 a year for engineers, for 2006-2007.
  • €93 a year for bartenders, 2002-2003

New Tax Breaks

Also remeber that this benefit (and others) can be back dated. It is important when you are taking to the tax office to give them as much information as possible. These tax breaks could net you €k's of money that is owed to you. This is money you are owed from the government, so you should claim it.