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Have you worked abroad and want to claim you tax back ?

If you want to apply for your taxback online, we can recommend < (an Irish company based in Dublin 1). They offer the easiest way to get your tax returns, you simply fill in an online form to get started. take a 10% commission and work on a "no tax refund, no fee" policy. So what are you waiting for ? Click here or the image below to get started ! can process both American (J1 Visa students) and European Tax Returns (summer holiday work), if you have worked in these countries too. can process returns for the following countries:
  • USA (i.e. J1 visa)
  • Australia (i.e. Youth 1 year visa program)
  • UK (College Summer Work)
  • Belgium (College Summer Work)
  • Canada (Canada Visa Program)
  • Holland (College Summer Work)
  • Germany (College Summer Work)
  • Japan (Japanese Short-term Visa)
  • New Zealand (NZ visa program)

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Apply Online

You can now apply for your taxback online via our partner

the tax process

Their service staff will help you fill out the forms and claim your the tax that you are owed, all in a manner that is really friendly and helpful.

First start off with selecting your nationality, and then the country you want to apply for taxback. You can claim a tax return if you worked in the United States between 2019 - 2023.

the tax process

Then you will be required to fill out some basic details and they will apply on your behalf.

So there isn't a need to fill out any complex paper work. will then track your tax return and will deal with the necessary agencies. There is a 10% service charge for processing your tax return. But with the average return in the region of $250, it is well worth the price.

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