Less is more !

Job Seaker

What not to put in your CV.

You should only include information that is relevant to getting you an interview. Keep your CV short and to the point. Here is a list that can be left out;-

  • marital status
  • numbers and ages of children
  • details of your junior schools
  • jobs that you did more than 10-15 years ago
  • minute details of your more recent jobs(you can expand on these in the interview)
  • lower level qualifications, eg Junior Certificate results or Leaving Certificate results especially if you have a degree or a lot of years in employment
  • failed exams
  • reasons for leaving previous jobs
  • place of birth
  • nationality, though you may want to include this if you are a foreign national and have a work permit
  • age is not a prerequisite though many employers do like to know your age, though if you prefer you can leave this out
  • details of your referees, these will be asked for later
  • hobbies and interests(if they are as mundane as reading or watching)