How to become a Chartered Accountant (Part I)

New Graduate

Entry Routes

Most people enter their training to become a CA (Chartered Accountant) at the following levels:

  • Graduate
  • Post-graduate
  • School-leaver
  • Other Routes

A. The Graduate Route

The majority of students that enrol with the Institute are graduates from 3rd level institutions, comprising of business and non – business graduates alike.

Business Graduate Exemptions
The Institute recognises that business graduates already have a broad academic foundation for the further study required for professional examinations. The range of exemptions offered reflects the content and level of the qualification obtained, some qualifications gaining an entire exemption from CA Proficiency 1.

Non – Business Graduate Exemptions
Many CAs have qualified in non-business related disciplines such as law, computer science, engineering, arts etc. The Institute encourages this, recognising that their diverse backgrounds bring an invaluable mix of skills and knowledge to the profession. The first examination for non-business graduates is CA Proficiency 1.

The programme leading to the CA Proficiency 1 examination, and especially the subject “Financial Accounting” assumes some prior knowledge of the subject. We therefore recommend that students participate in an introductory course in basic accounting.

B. The Post-Graduate Route

Business Graduates

Full-time, one year, post-graduate Masters in Accounting for business graduates are offered in U.C.D, D.C.U., D.I.T (Aungier St), N.U.I. Galway, Waterford I.T., Letterkenny I.T. and the University of Ulster at Jordanstown.

Students who successfully meet the criteria on these courses are exempt from the entirety of CA Proficiency 1 and CA Proficiency 2 (or Professional Three) and join the Institute having completed much of their professional study and examination requirements.

Non – Business Graduates
Full time, one year post-graduate Diploma programmes are available for non- business graduates. These are offered at Dublin City University, Dublin Institute of Technology (Aungier St) and the University of Ulster at Jordanstown. Students who successfully meet the criteria on these programmes are exempt from the entirety of CA Proficiency 1.

Details of these post-graduate courses can be obtained from the Dept of Accounting / Finance at the respective bodies.

C. School-leaver / Direct Entry Route

Students who have obtained 360 points in their Leaving Certificate and gain a distinction in the Institute of Accounting Technicians 1-year foundation course, are eligible to progress to the ICAI’s CA Proficiency 1 Examination. Students register with IATI and ICAI at the same time.

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